Program 2022

Workshop Program September 12, 2022

13:30Workshop introduction
14:15Support for Reading Comprehension in Digital Course Texts [preprint]
Dennis Menze and Niels Seidel (FernUniversität in Hagen)
15:00Coffee break
15:30Indicators for supporting personalised and adaptive learning environments in online further education: An interview study [preprint]
Yvonne M. Hemmler and Dirk Ifenthaler (University of Mannheim)
16:00Extracting Production Style Features of Educational Videos with Deep Learning [preprint]
Fatima Maya, Philipp Krieter, Karsten D. Wolf, and Andreas Breiter (University of Bremen)
16:45Workshop closing
Discussion of future activities of the AK Learning Analytics
– Workshop LA at the DELFI 2023?
– Contributions from the German community to the LAK’23 and EDM’23?