Workshop 2024

On September 9, the workshop on Learning Analytics 2024 is planned as a full-day workshop taking place during the DELFI’24 in Fulda. The topic of this year’s workshop is »Curriculum and Study Path Analytics«. In addition, other relevant topics on learning analytics are welcome. We are currently accepting submissions to the workshop until Juni 14. Please refer to the call for paper for further details.

Workshop topic

In the realm of educational research, the exploration of study paths and curriculum analytics remains a nascent field, characterized predominantly by isolated efforts concentrated on specific courses or academic programs. The literature reveals a scant number of longitudinal studies emanating primarily from American universities, the findings of which are intrinsically confined to their original contexts, thereby limiting their applicability to other educational settings. Moreover, the methodologies and models employed in these studies have yet to undergo rigorous validation across a broad spectrum of subjects, disciplines, and institutions.

Particularly in Germany, as well as other European countries, researchers encounter formidable challenges—stemming from legal constraints such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), institutional policies, and issues about data quality—in accessing comprehensive enrollment and examination data for scholarly inquiry. This paucity of data severely restricts academic faculties‘ ability to discern the myriad factors influencing student success and the duration of study at various junctures of the academic journey, especially for specific student demographics.

As a direct consequence of this information deficit, there exists a significant impediment to the informed development and refinement of policies, curricula, and course designs aimed at enhancing the educational experience. Without a robust set of indicators, it becomes increasingly difficult to implement strategic adjustments that could potentially optimize student learning outcomes, manage teaching workloads more effectively, and improve the key performance metrics of academic departments.

During the 11th Learning Analytics Workshop, our objective is to convene a distinguished assembly of scholars from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who share a keen interest in the examination of curricula, academic trajectories, or student attrition. This gathering is particularly aimed at individuals who have previously engaged in the collection and analysis of relevant data or have created models, tools, and applications designed to aid students, educators, or university administrations.

Goals of the workshop

  • Networking of the learning analytics community in the German-speaking countries to initiate research and joint projects as well as fostering network activities beyond the workshop
  • Presentation of current research projects and results
  • Enhancing the interdisciplinarity in the working group
  • Developing a joint outcome based on the workshop discussions (e.g., publication, digital learning resources, events)

Programm committee of the workshop

Prof. Dr. Agathe Merceron (Beuth Hochschule Berlin)
Prof Benjamin Paaßen (University Osnabrück)
Prof. Rene Röpke (TU Wien)
Dr. Clara Schumacher (University Potsdam)


Lea Cohausz (University of Mannheim),
Frederik Baucks (Ruhr University Bochum), and
Dr. Niels Seidel (FernUniversität in Hagen).